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Business Reviews

Cash flow worries?  Want to know why?

We help business owners undertake a business review to understand why the company is struggling financially.

Our reviews are tailored to the clients’ specific instructions and are often associated with:

  • Book debt reviews
  • Assessing the company’s funding needs
  • Critical payment schedule
  • Negotiating time to pay deals with creditors
  • Assessing stability of balance sheet and whether assets can be leverage or re-geared to improve cash flow
  • Assessing management’s capabilities

The business review will assess the overall viability of the business moving forward.

In our professional opinion, the earlier the review is undertaken, the more positive the outcome.

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Just to let you know, we are still working and are here to help businesses struggling during these extremely challenging times. Call us on 01903 239313 to discuss your current situation. We would like to help as many businesses as possible to survive so please contact us if you would like some advice.