Advising businesses across Sussex and nationwide on how to survive financial difficulties

Is your business under-performing? Not sure where the problems are? Want some advice on where to start? Our experienced team can undertake a review of your business to determine the issues and can advise on how best to solve them.

Why do I need a Business Review?

A Business Review is a great way to find out exactly what works in your business and what doesn’t. If your business is struggling and you need some advice on why or how to improve things, a Business Review can highlight these areas. Under-performing businesses need a helping hand when things aren’t running smoothly and by identifying areas for change/improvement, we can help that business survive and thrive.

A Business Review can help:

Under-performing companies understand their issues and provide advice on potential resolutions

Funding/Finance companies by providing pre and post lending reviews

Establish a company’s health prior to acquisition

Asset Based Lenders with book debt reviews of their clients

How does a Business Review work?

Our knowledgeable and honest team will discuss your needs prior to undertaking a Business Review to ensure that we achieve your aims. We will then spend time going through all of the available information to ensure we have a clear picture of the business, both past and present.

Our team can then provide practical advice to assist you in resolving your financial issues to help create certainty from uncertainty for the future of your company.

The Business Review will highlight key areas and will give you a clear indication on where to start.

Our experience in this field suggests that the earlier a Business Review is undertaken when experiencing financial difficulties, the more positive the outcome can be for your business.

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