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Our creative and productive approach offers companies wishing to undertake operational or financial restructuring, the opportunity to improve their financial position.

What is Operational and Financial Restructuring?

Operational and Financial Restructuring can take many forms, but its aim is to reorganise the company’s operational and financial structure to ensure profitability and a healthy cash flow.

Operational and Financial Restructuring can include:

Looking at the best way to improve the business to make it more efficient

Undertaking cost reduction exercises

Negotiating a rescheduling of debt with creditors

Working capital management

How does restructuring work?

A Business Review will be undertaken to establish a clear picture of the company’s present position. From this review, we can identify which areas of the business are under-performing and how they can be improved.

Undertaking a detailed analysis of the company’s accounts will highlight areas where cost cutting measures will have the most impact resulting in an increase in profitability.

Our team will then design and deliver a bespoke plan to achieve the best possible outcome for the company whilst providing ongoing support to deliver the measures effectively.

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