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Are you or your business struggling with debt? Are your creditors harassing you? Are you being threatened with legal action? Speak to a member of our team today on what to do next. We will listen, advise and assist in any debt circumstances.

What are the warning signs that I may need some advice?

There are many warning signs that you may not be aware of or pay attention to, but if these signs are ignored in the early stages, they become harder to solve. Have you noticed an increase in arrears to suppliers? Perhaps you are losing more staff than usual? Are you making late payments to HMRC? Not paying yourself a salary due to lack of funds? These are just a few common warning signs that you may need a little help.

We can help by:

Helping you organise your debt payments

Assisting in finding the right funding solution to boost your cash flow

Negotiating with your creditors/lenders

Advising on the restructuring of your business to enable you to regain control

What can IRL do for me?


We are here to help relieve the stress caused by debt issues.

Our approach is to view all debt problems as having a solution and we want to help by offering our services to relieve some of that pressure.

We can negotiate ‘Time to Pay’ arrangements with H M Revenue & Customs or with your creditors generally. We can also undertake discussions with your banks/lenders to decide on the best way forward. An operational reorganisation of the business may be required to improve performance or perhaps a financial restructuring to ensure that the business can survive the storm.

There are many options to resolving debt and our innovative team are on hand to ensure you find the right route.

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